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Sunday, June 07, 2015


Slovenia: GeoCaching near Jesenice

After yesterday's hiking expedition, Nada and me wanted to do some cycling, but since Nada fell and her pinky was swollen, I took her to the doctor. They X-rayed her and luckily nothing was broken. On our way back home we found a couple of GeoCaches near Jesenice.

Flowers in "oasis" in the middle of the city

The Dam for Moste Hydroelectric Plant

GeoCaches found:
- Trim steza Zerjavec, GC370KN, Multy, where I dropped of trackable item "Teddy #250", TB2RTEH and retrieved trackable item "Stika a delfin", TB5K02W
- Straža, GC3J6Z5, visited by trackable item "Stika a delfin", TB5K02W
- DISPLAY, GC40RAY, Mystery, where I dropped of trackable item "Stika a delfin", TB5K02W

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