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Monday, March 30, 2015


Slovenia: Hike to Grmada and Šmarna gora, Welcome Tine and a movie "Kdo je Mi2"?

After work Grega, Rok and me went on a hike to Grmada, 676 m (we used the Pogačnik's trail), and Šmarna gora, 669 m.

Ljubljana in my camera

Grega, Rok and Tuši

Afternoon hike

Another great news popped out today. My friend Primož and Špela got a new son, Tine. Congratulations! There was no time to rest, so Nada and me drove to Kokrica, where we made a toast to the newborn. Cheers!

We had to leave a bit early, since we had another event in Šiška, Ljubljana. We decided to watch a documentary about Mi2, currently the most popular Slovenian band, with a title "Kdo je Mi2?"

Entrance ticket

We went to see the 2nd performance at 21:00

Mi2 - Ejsidisi Brigita

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