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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Slovenia: Grand Opening Of Butcher's Shop Zupan

Yesterday I visited my friend Gašper and I found out, that today he will open his private butcher's shop, so I called our friends and we decided to surprise him. We, or better said our girls, prepared some side dishes (White Carniola loaf (Belokranjska pogača), potato salad and dandelion salad with eggs), we took our camping gear (chairs, tables, stoves, beer, ...) and we were on our way to the shop. At the entrance we placed our gadgets and we went shopping for meat. We bought some Frankfurter Würstchen, Kranjska klobasa and Leberkäse) and we started grilling and cooking and a magnificent afternoon was inevitable.

My butcher Gašper and me

Let the picnic begin


Even kids had a lot of fun

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