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Sunday, March 08, 2015


Austria/Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing - Svačica, Comedy Moška Copata in Theatre

In the morning I picked up Klara, my co-student at Mountaneering Section Tržič, and we drove to Restaurnat Podnar/Bodenbauer, Austria. We parked the car and packed our things and we headed towards Svačica, 1953 m, a less visible top in the main crest of the Karavanks. Klara didn't have touring equipment so she started on foot, but there was too much soft snow, so I left her behind and we decided to meet each other on my way down.

At this point I continued by myself and if I was on Klara's place, I would already turn around

My destination was already exposed to sunrays

Look back

Just a little bit more to the top of Svačica


View to different parts of the sky

Thanks for the skis Borut

On the top with the crooss and a sign "Gottes Gnade kennt kein Warum"

Fun on the way down

Another excellent backcountry skiing expedition

In the evening Borut, Tanja, Nada and me visited a theatre in Mengeš, where we saw a stand-up comedy called Moška copata (Henpecked Husband). It was one of the best ones over the last years, especially since there was no politics and celebrities involved in the jokes.

Ranko Babić in Stand-up Comedy Moška copata

Entrance ticket for the comedy

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