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Friday, August 22, 2014


Slovenia: Cycling to Pirgo's Bachelor Party

My friend with many names, Pirgo, Primož, Muha, ... had a stag night today. He chose a nice location, Dom na Gospincu, 1491 m, in Slovenian Mountains for it. I decided to join the guys with my own transportation, bicycle.

Rok and Grega escorted me to 1/3 way up

On 2/3  of the way up I received a quick EPO shot. Thanks Primož and Primož

The uphill cycling dehydrated me, so I immediately needed a liquid in a green bottle called Laško beer. The party began, we were there, but for those who weren't, 3 pictures for you. Cheers!

Pillow for the times when your better half has a headache

One of many things he had to do

Let's do some skiing

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