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Monday, August 04, 2014


Croatia: With Bicycles from Crikvenica to Cres: Vacation Day 11/17

In the morning Nada and me left Slovenia and started our journey with Angelca towards Crikvenica. On the way we stopped at some nice places, where we also found some GeoCaches. In Crikvenica we visited my aunt Marija and she prepared a nice fish lunch for us, consisted of grilled squid and european hake. After the lunch we continued with bicycles towards Island Cres, where my sister was staying with her family. First we rode North, where we crossed Krk Bridge to Island Krk. A little bit more cycling and we were at the port Valbiska and from there we took the ferry to Merag, Island Cres. We finished with riding when we arrived to Camp Kovačine near city Cres.

View from the Castle to Slovenian side of Kolpa river

Zrinski-Frankopan Castle Severin na Kupi. The single-floored castle of square foundation is situated on the cliffs above the river Kupa. It is built on a very attractive location with a magnificent view of the Kupa valley, a small village Riblje  and neighbouring Slovenia.The inner courtyard features arched hallways, and cylindrical towers adorn the outer corners of the castle. The window grates are of baroque shape. The castle dates from the 15th century, but it was remodelled to its present look in 1800. It is surrounded by a hundred years old park and the St. Florijan chapel - the park has been declared a nature monument. From: http://www.tz-vrbovsko.hr/vrbovsko_historical_heritage.html

Cave Lokvarka is the deepest cave in the country (Croatia) which has been re-opened for tourists and visitors. It was discovered in 1911, the length of the cave is 1200 meters, the height difference from the entrance to the bottom is about 270 meters and temperatures range from 6.5 to 8 degrees Celsius. The entrance to the cave is located at an altitude of about 780 meters, has several galleries or levels, with four accessible to visitors.

Omladinsko lake or lately Lokve lake is the biggest lake in Gorski kotar. It is 40 meters deep and covers 2.1 kilometres. It is both natural and manmade.

Krk Bridge is a 1430 m long reinforced concrete arch bridge connecting the Croatian island of Krk to the mainland. The longer of the bridge's two arches is the second longest concrete arch in the world and among the longest arches of any construction. The bridge was completed and opened in July 1980 and originally named Titov most ("Tito's bridge") in honor of Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito, who had died two months prior.

Ferry ticket for bicycle and 1 person from Valbiska to Merag

Spider on Cres

Sunset form our tent

Evening refreshment in the sea

GeoCaches found:
- KVARNER Cache 47 - Castle Severin na Kupi, GC4CKBB
- KVARNER Cache 12 - Cave Lokvarka, GC440ZC
- KVARNER Cache 10 - Krk's bridge, GC4B6QH
- Krcki most, GCVR92
- Do pay the ferryman 2 - Merag, GC1B630

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