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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Slovenia: Hike to Veliki vrh: Vacation Day 17/17

In memory of my grand mother and grand father we had a mass in chapel in the nearby mountains. Nada and me took a little longer path to there, over a mountain called Veliki vrh. My father drove us to starting point, where we started hiking towards our first point, pasture Korošica, 1554 m. We continued over Hajnževo sedlo, 1701 m to Veliki vrh, 2088 m. After short break we descended to Kofce, 1488 m, where we met with others. From there we continued together to the chapel and after the mass to our home, where we had family lunch.

Flora and Fauna 

View to the West

Nada climbing towards Veliki vrh

Košutica, 1968 m

Somewhere on the way

On top with a view to nearby mountains

Boletus edulis

Family lunch at our place

Hike to Veliki vrh, 2088 m a.m.s.l.

GeoCache found:
- Kofce, GC1Y4B5

With this hike my yearly vacation finished. The plan to explore Iceland totally changed, but in the end it was also great.

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