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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Finally it was time to get out of Istanbul. Ilhan, Burcak's boyfriend (she is Burcu's sister), lend us a motorbike Ducati Monster for the weekend. Thanks 100x.
Two Monsters?
We decided to take the following route: Kadıköy-Polonezköy-Ömerli-Ağva-Şile-Riva-Kadıköy. After we filled the gas (price in Turkey is around 1,9€ per liter now) we rode through Polonezköy and Ömerli and after some more riding we had a breakfast.
Cows on the road and in the football training
Breakfast place, our çay master and our breakfast
After the breakfast we continued our road towards Ağva a very nice place with sandy beach on the Black sea.
Burcu and me in Ağva 
The beach was very crowded so we continued our road to West, towards Şile.
Lonely beach on our way to Şile
We stopped at this lovely beach
The beach was nice, you just have to ignore the garbage
I went swimming for a short time, because the water was very cold and after that we took a little break. After a while we continued our road to Riva. It was almost raining, but we were strong and we were continuing on our roads as planned.
Coast in Riva
It was late so we returned to Kadıköy, where we had a familly dinner.
Yes, I know, food again
The day was finished and with Burcu we made a short video of our trip.

And our Garmin track:


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