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Wednesday, September 08, 2010


After the work I had to do some things around the house. Last time we just quickly put together the grill, so this time I finished it in the proper way. Only one screw was left, so I think I did a pretty good job. That screw will fit in next time, but first we need to drill one hole, because the screw doesn't fit in. The grill had just a minor fabrication error. After that I also fixed both lights on the terrace and I fixed one of the chairs there. This house really needs a man, because there are still many things to fix.
New grill in action
After we started the fire it was time to grill some fish. Ozan, my friend from Istanbul, bought çipura for our main dish.
Çipura in action
Burcu and me bought some Rakı and her mum did some sidedishes. It was a great dinner in the end, except for Ana. She had digestion problems, so she couldn't participate in this great event.
Burcu presenting Rakı
Tuši, Burcu, Ozan and Burcu's mum at the dinner

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