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Friday, September 10, 2010


It was a big day for Turkey and Slovenia. Our basketball teams played in quarter-finals. Asaf arranged the tickets for both matches today. First match was between Serbia and Spain.
At the VIP entrance we met our dancers for tonight- Red Foxes from Ukraine
The favourite for the first game was Spain, but my heart was with young Serbian team.
It's show time
Serbians started pretty good and Spain was always some points behind. Unfortunately they caught Serbians at the end, but Miloš Teodosič, 23 years old, 196cm, shoot an amazing 3-pointer from 9 meters over Jorge Garbajosa, 207cm, 3 seconds before the end of the match and the final score was 92-89 for Serbia.
Between the matches we ate some food - I love VIP tickets
And It was time for the most important match today. Slovenia - Turkey. I was surrounded with Turkish people in the Sinan Erdem Olimpik Spor Salonu (Sinan Erdem Dome). Our guys started quite good, but only for three minutes, when the score was 10:6 for Slovenia. After 3 miuntes, Turkish guys totally destroyed us. In the end it was 95:68 (27:14, 23:17, 21:12, 24:25).
Slovenia will fight for 5th place now (5th place leads to Olympic games 2012)
It was time to go home. We took a taxi, 7 people in Hyundai Accent, but it was cheaper because of that.

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