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Monday, August 30, 2010


It was time to visit Fenerbahce - PAOK match. Burucu got the tickets for us (Ana, Spyros, Burcu and me).
Fenerbahce - PAOK tickets
First match in Greece was 1-0 for PAOK, so Turkish team had to win at least 1-0. They scored in second half, but unfortunately only once, so teams had to play extra time. In extra time, PAOK scored, and the whole stadium was unhappy.
Spyros, Ana, Burcu and me
So the match ended 1-1 and PAOK advanced. At the end we tried to make some photos of the PAOK fans and we got into troubles. Some Fener fans wanted to beat us up, because they suspected we were not Fener fans. So we got out of the stadium (the guys followed us) and we waited some time with some policemen. One guy then came and asked the Police if we are Greek. He just got the answer, what if we are and they took him behind the building. Who knows what happened there. We decided to take a taxi home, because walking was a little dangerous for us.

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