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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We removed old heating system and it was time to install new one. First day we just connected boiler with electrical heater.
New 300l Lentherm boiler
After the installation I went on a little tour with bicycle. I rode down the village to my ex neighbour Mateja and her boyfriend Grega. They are having a problem with IPTV. We discovered, that the problem is with TV communicator. It has a bad connection with RJ45 connector.
In the evening I received a French family from Brittany. They came to our house as couchsurfers. I gave them an option to sleep in a room or camp outside. They chose camping, so we set two small tents.
CS guests stayed in tents
Because they were tired from all day driving, they decided to go to eat something outside in Gostilna Ankele. After they came back they went to sleep.

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