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Friday, August 20, 2010


We woke up in the morning. In hostel, they also get us some breakfast in the bags. After a while we discovered, that one of our guys was missing. But we didn't bother, we said, probably he is with a woman, or still partying and we believed he will show up. While we were eating breakfast, a look through the window was not very nice.
They took our van
They were transporting our Transporter. We stooped them and then we realized, that they broke into our van, stole the radio and so the police ordered to take our van from nearby parking lot. We convinced them to take him back. Then Grega went to the Police, to arrange the papers. It was hard for him, because he had to be in a small room and he had to wait for English spoken person for two hours. We decided to split, so one group went to see the motorbikes qualification and the other stayed in the city.
View to the track and seeds from Turkey
We saw crashes in all categories. It was time to go back. We called the rest of our team and they were just on their way to pick up our lost guy. He finally was found. He got lost yesterday, because he didn't remember where the hostel was, he was without the phone and money, and the only number in his head was his home number. After we got together again, it was time to drink some more beers in the city.
The beach in the middle of Brno, beer was 1,5€ (35CZK)
Qualification results:
MotoGP, qualification round: 1. D. PEDROSA   SPA/honda  1:56,508 
 2. B. SPIES     USA/yamaha   +0,338 
 3. J. LORENZO   SPA/yamaha    0,357 
 4. C. STONER    AVS/ducati    0,360 
 5. V. ROSSI     ITA/yamaha    0,551 
 6. A. DOVIZIOSO ITA/honda     0,609 
 7. C. EDWARDS   USA/yamaha    0,714 
 8. N. HAYDEN    USA/ducati    1,127 
 9. H. BARBERA   SPA/ducati    1,452 
10. L. CAPIROSSI ITA/suzuki    1,473
Moto 2, qualification round: 1. S. TOMIZAWA JAP/suter   2:03,452 
 2. A. IANNONE  ITA/speed up  +0,232 
 3. T. ELIAS    SPA/moriwaki   0,289 
 4. R. ROLFO    ITA/suter      0,342 
 5. J. TAKAHAŠI JAP/tech 3     0,693 
125 ccm, qualification round: 1. B. SMITH     GB/aprilia 2:07,146 
 2. N. TEROL     SPA/aprilia  +0,484 
 3. P. ESPARGARO SPA/derbi     0,927 
 4. M. MARQUEZ   SPA/derbi     1,040 
 5. S. CORTESE   GER/derbi     1,193

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