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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Patrick, Anne, Mewen, Andréas and me decided to go hiking a little. Our destination was planina Prevala.
Just below the destination
When we reached the top, we took a little break and then we continue a little. After a while, we decided to go back. We just caught a Mass, dedicated to all the shepherds in the mountains.
After the mass, we eat something. I ordered ajdovi žganci with kislo mleko and the family had jota with sausage. Our walking path back from the farthest point looked like this.
We got back to the car and it was time to see the nearby concentration camp Ljubelj, where a lot of French people were kept. They were digging the tunnel to Austrian side.
Concentration camp Ljubelj (Mathausen)
We finished the day with a great barbecue, French wine and Slovenian beer and some Medica.

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