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Monday, February 05, 2018


Georgia: Goodbye Sakartvelo / საქართველო: Day 11

In the morning Nada and me did another quick Tbilisi tour in the vicinity of our superb apartment. After lunch our time in the capital of Georgia ended and we (Gic, Boris, Opl, Baki, Mrki, Nada, Slatnar and me) had to go on the street, where we started looking for transportation to the Kutaisi airport. After negotiating for almost an hour we were seated into two taxis and we were on our way. Long drive was shortened with many beer & pee stops and in the evening we arrived to the suburbs of Kutaisi, where we stopped for dinner. Locals were already in sync with the DJ and chacha and we were not far from them. Party evolved and our plane departure was closer and closer, so we had to move on to the airport, where we said goodbye to Sakartvelo, as Georgians called their country.

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Nada's selfie from our apartment in city center

Saxophone man coming out of the wall and Ilia Chavchavadze and Akaki Tsereteli in front of the the former Gymnasium.

Square that change the name frequently in the past: Freedom Square, Liberty Square, Lenin Square, Pashkevich-Erivanskaya Square, Beria Square.

St. George Statue is dedicated to the freedom and independence of the Georgian nation.

Geocaching time

Calculating coordinates

Last lunch in Tbilisi

Cheap and good restaurant, Veliaminov

On the road Tbilisi - Kutaisi

Rock'n Roll Never Dies

Dinner time

Saying goodbye to the DJ

Waiting for the plane chapter 1: Alive

Waiting for the plane chapter 2: Dead

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