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Saturday, September 23, 2017


Greece / Albania / Croatia: Vacation time, Day 16: Adriatic Sea

Time for annual leave has come and with Nada we decided to have a motorbike trip, starting in Slovenia and ending on Crete in Greece. On our way we decided to spend some time with our friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and in Greece.

Today we spent the whole day onboard of a ferry Hellenic Spirit, eating, drinking, playing cards, coast watching, ... We had a long trip in the Adriatic, mostly in international waters, but also in territorial waters of Greece, Albania and Croatia.

Previous days of our vacation: Day 15Day 14Day 13Day 12Day 11Day 10Day 9Day 8Day 7Day 6Day 5Day 4Day 3Day 2Day 1.

Time for breakfast 

Coast of Albania

Tracking the ferry and reading

Our space on the ferry

Playing rummy and drinking rakia from Bosnia and Herzegovina

24 hours have passed, still we didn't reach our destination

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