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Monday, September 18, 2017


Greece: Vacation time, Day 11: Rock on the road

Time for annual leave has come and with Nada we decided to have a motorbike trip, starting in Slovenia and ending on Crete in Greece. On our way we decided to spend some time with our friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and in Greece.

This day we started with a visit of Hill 107, where many young men, Allied and German, died in WW2. After a while we visited Potamida, where we found small hills consisting of soft clay, which due to time erosion, have turned them to wonderful conical shapes. We continued as planned through the Topolia Gorge and then Nada met the rock on the road and she closely examined the roadside channel. Our plans changed immediately and Nada and Thunder were both taken to their designated specialist. Thunder had to wait for a day for a mechanic to see him, while Nada ended up with bruises and back pain and luckily no broken bones.

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Hill 107 is the hill overlooking Maleme airfield in Crete, the site of the initial attacks during the German airborne invasion of the island in May 1941 – codenamed ‘Unternehmen Merkur’ (‘Operation Mercury’), the first ever major airborne  invasion in history. 

Nice outfit

Conquering the clay hill

Feels like walking on the moon

98 horses in each motorbike. Shall we add 2 more?

Resting in the shade

We rode through Topolia Gorge, crossed by the River Tyflos, which originates from Mount Dikeos. Through the one-way tunnel we continued towards South.

And then the "rock on the road" happened. Combination of sun, rock on the road and some other factors were the reason that Nada and her Thunder ended up in a roadside channel. Both of them were injured, so both were transported into their designated hospital. Luckily the injuries didn't seem to be big.

11th day riding (117 kilometres)

GeoCaches found:
- Potamida, GC53QCK
- Potamida, Komolithi, ποταμίδ- Crete with Alexandra, EarthCache, GC6RM28
- Topolia Gorge, GC294YT

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