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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Greece: Vacation time, Day 12: Χανιά - Chania

Time for annual leave has come and with Nada we decided to have a motorbike trip, starting in Slovenia and ending on Crete in Greece. On our way we decided to spend some time with our friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and in Greece.

Due to yesterday's events Nada decided to rest, while I went out. First I went to the repair shop, where I arranged how the guys should repair Nada's motorbike. I had a good feeling about them, so I left without worries. During the day I decided to explore Chania, 2nd largest city on Crete.

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The jewel of the city, is one of the oldest light houses, not only in Greece and the Mediterranean, but also in the world. Chania lighthouse was first constructed by the Venetians around 1595 - 1601, and it took its final form, in the shape of a minaret, during the Egyptian Period (1831 - 1841) in around 1839.

Despite being heavily bombed during World War II, Chania's Old Town is considered the most beautiful urban district on Crete, especially the crumbling Venetian harbour.

Greek War of Independence monument on Splantzia square

The tower of the Egyptian Lighthouse consists of three parts. The base, which has eight angles, the middle part, which has sixteen angles, and the third part, which is round. When the Venetians constructed the Lighthouse, they used a material of the same origin and quality with the one used for the construction of the fortifications of the city. In case of a threat, the Venetians shut down the entrance of the port, using a chain that was tied to the base of the Egyptian Lighthouse and to the Firka Fortress, that stands right across the lighthouse.

View to the Chania Bay (Kolpos Chanion - Κόλπος Χανίων)

Venetian fortifications

For lunch we had a watermelon and an ice-cream

Nada has a new tattoo, heart, wings, angels,..

Sunset in Chania

In the evening we went out together and had a beer...

... with gyros.

Full day in Chania

GeoCaches found:
- Monday Market Park near Courthouse, GC7BJF1
- On the way to the lighthouse..., GC410KF
- Saturday Market Minos Street, GC7B40F

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