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Monday, April 17, 2017


Slovenia: Climbing in Črni Kal

Easter Monday, holiday in Slovenia and a day spent in the Slovenian Karst with some climbing and exploring. With Nada we climbed in Črni Kal and found out some interesting things around the Karst on our prolonged way back home.

Črni Kal village from Karst Rim with a former fortified tower that was constructed in 11th century on the orders of the Istrian margrave Ulrich I of Weimar to protect his Istrian estates and the trade route between the Rižana Valley and the Karst Plateau.

Karst Edge with a view to the seaside and the longest and the highest viaduct in SloveniaČrni Kal Viaduct. The viaduct is 1,065 metres long and is mounted on 11 Y-shaped columns (its distinguishing feature), the highest reaching 87.5 m.

Climbed routes in Črni Kal: ČebelicaMira urCvrček and Zlati časi

Rock shelter (spodmol) Triglavca has a very interesting history with pagan rituals. You can read more in a book: "Boris Čok: V siju mesečine: ustno izročilo Lokve, Prelož in bližnje okolice" - pdf

Entrance to the cave shelter Triglavca

River Reka has created picturesque and still not fully explored underworld. Divača Cave is one of its creations.

GeoCaches found:
- Panoramic viewpoint Grad Črni Kal, GC3F634, where I spotted trackable item "Rosenkranz", TB54RZ1
- Kraški Rob / Karst Edge, EarthCache, GC4C5RH
- A hot search in Osp, GC1ARE3
- LC-S647, GC4T5CQ
- 4xMAG2016, GC6VY34
- Devača in Devač, GC6FMXJ
- Divaška jama / Divaca Cave, EarthCache, GC3ACTF

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