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Friday, April 07, 2017


Slovenia: With Mountain Bikes to Krim

After work Nada and me drove to Iška vas, from where we started riding towards the top of Krim, 1107 m. Below the top we finished the GeoCaching series "Angry Bear", that we started more than two years ago (12994) and didn't finish it because of the snow. For descent we used the same road as we did last year (13634) with my friends and when we confronted a bear. Today, we had no interruptions and we reached Tomišelj without extra stories.

Black Mamba and Black Beast on top of Krim, 1107 m

Afternoon Cycling with Nada - see animation - Click

GeoCaches found:
- Krim trail: #25 "Angry bear", GC4TXM7
- Krim trail: Bonus "Angry bear", Mystery, GC4TXNC
- Krim trail: #26 "Angry bear", GC4TXMC

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