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Saturday, December 31, 2016


Slovenia: Soča Trail and New Year's Eve in Trenta

For today we chose a shorter hike, which is a part of Soča trail. Soča trail is the first nature trail in Triglav national park and it runs along the Soča river, from its source to the town of Bovec. We hiked the upper part of the trail to the village of Trenta and on our way we stopped at some interesting places.

In the evening we played rummy and when the New Year was a few minutes away from us, all the people from the 3 apartments gathered outside and together we counted the last seconds till the New Year.


Soča spring was empty, so we had to quench our thirst with something else

Kekec homestead - Kekčeva domačija

Dr. Julius Kugy monument

Rummy time

Happy New Year from us (Vid, Žiga, Tuši, Nada, Borut and Tanja)

Easy afternoon hike

GeoCaches found:
- Triglav National Park / Izviru Soce, GC1C7E
J. K., Mystery, GC1D7MC

Some statistics for 2016 (Tuši, Angie, GeoCaching):

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