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Friday, December 30, 2016


Slovenia: Zadnjiški Ozebnik and Veliki Konj

In the morning my neighbour Borut and me decided to go hiking. We chose a less known peak called Zadnjiški Ozebnik. With a short detour we also conquered a mountain called Veliki Konj and in the end we made a nice 17 km roundtrip.

We signed in the "book", where a famous person Alojzij Žakelj also signed in a couple of days before we did. On the right, mountains Pihavec and Triglav.

Panorama from the top

Quick detour, ridge towards another new 2000 meter high peak, Veliki Konj, 2034 m

View back to Zadnjiški Ozebnik, 2084 m, and Triglav

Trenta - Trebiški dol - Zadnjiški Ozebnik - Veliki Konj - Zadnjiški dol - Zadnjica - Trenta

In the evening, Nada and me decided to visit BOFF, Bovec Outdoor Film festival, where we saw three good movies. First one was Crossing Iceland, followed by Dodos Delight and Holy (Un)holy River.

Ticket for the event

Crossing Iceland

Jerome Josserand visited Iceland that charmed him with its natural beauty and excellent conditions for kiteing. He decided to return there and kite from North to South of Iceland, 200 km in only one day.

Dodos Delight

Jump on board a madcap sailing adventure to the biggest rock walls in the Arctic Circle with a team of elite climbers as zany as they are talented. Amongst rough seas, falling rocks and freezing temperatures, a hilarious and badass gang of adventurers forge bold new routes and have the time of their lives.

Holy (Un)holy River

A source to sea journey expedition down India’s 1500-mile Ganges River.

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