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Saturday, December 03, 2016


Austria: Nada's Birthday Hike to Svačica

Nada organized a hiking trip for her birthday. Since I was the only one interested in a long hike, we had a day for ourselves. We drove to Poden in Austria and from there we started our hike. After half an hour of walking we took a shortcut, but it lead us through the dwarf pine. It happens from time to time. For half an hour we were fighting with the bush and then returned back to the marked path. Soon we arrived to saddle Vrata, 1714 m, where we left the marked way and headed towards another saddle, Belščica, 1840 m. From there it was only a couple of minutes to out main peak, Svačica, 1953 m. Quick photo session on a cold, but also a peak with a great view and soon we were on our way to Celovška koča, 1664 m, where we stopped for a drink. We continued back to saddle Vrata and passed by Vgrizeva planina, 1569 m, we reached another peak, Kosmatica, 1659 m. From there we just descended back to our starting point, Podnar.

Cold weather. View towards Vrtača, 2181 m, where also the last rockfall from september is visible (red rock).


Our peak and our starting point

Svačica, located between Vrtača and Stol a bit to the north.

Selfie, what else

View to the east, towards Vrtača

 Ovčji vrh (Kozjak), 2024 m

On our way to Vgrizeva planina

Time for lunch

Towards Kosmatica

Three peaks (Palec, Zelenjak and Vrtača), that we conquered in September (13625)

Sightseeing in the end: Ocean's Eye - Meerauge - a glacial remnant of a pond with a bright turquoise blue color and ascending air bubbles. The bright color results from the combination of the following factors: light incidence, special chemism, and the fact that the water is very clean (almost no algae, plankton or nutrients in the water).

Great hike: Podnar - Svačica - Celovška koča - Vgrizeva planina - Kosmatica - Podnar

GeoCaches found:
- Border Crossing, GCKA1Z
- Klagenfurter Hütte, Multi, GCQHE2
- Linzer Meerauge, GC5RTQW
- Ocean's Eye - Meerauge, EarthCache, GC218JM

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