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Thursday, June 23, 2016


Slovenia: Cycling Afternoon

Grega, Klemen and me decided a while ago, to cycle the Marathon Alpe trail - http://maraton-alpe.si/. We changed it a bit and we cycled counter-clockwise, with a small shortcut, still we cycled 130 kilometres with a little more than 2000 m of height difference. On the way, my schoolmate Boštjan also joined us, and together we successfully reached all the designated mountain passes, Kranjski Rak, 1029 m, Pavlič pass, 1338 m, and Jezerski vrh, 1218 m. In Zgornje Jezersko Nada joined us and escorted us back to the valley.

Boštjan, Tuši, Klemen and Grega

It just calls to repeat it. We scheduled it for next month, this time clockwise.

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