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Sunday, June 05, 2016


Slovenia: Hike to Planina Planica, Roblekov dom and Planina Preval

After the Heroes Of The Vineyards Cycling Marathon (13533) Rok, Nada and me did a regeneration hiking trip around some pastures and mountain huts.

- Our first was Planinca mountain pasture (formerly known as Lamberger mountain pasture)
- 2nd stop was Roblek cottage, built out of Hugon Roblek's legacy
- Next stop was a manganese mine on the slopes of Begunjščica, where mining started in the beginning of the 19th century
- Another pasture was Prevala mountain pasture at a 1311 m high saddle Preval
- Silver fir under the Prevala pasture
- Draga waterfalls

Planinca mountain pasture, 1136 m

Roblekov dom na Begunjščici mountain hut, 1657 m, with main players today, Nada, Tuši and Rok

View from the mine

Pasture Prevala, 1311 m

Not the biggest, but still big of its kind - Silver fir under Prevala

One of the waterfalls on our way back to the Draga valley

GeoCaches found:
- Planina Planinca, GC3GPXP
- Roblek, GC2BDN6
- Hard Work, Mystery, GC2N69V
- Draga Waterfall, GC2CHH3

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