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Friday, April 29, 2016


Italy, Sardinia: Gola su Gorruppu, Punta la Marmora, Lake Omodeo (Trip to Sardinia Day 4)

10 years ago, Tadej and me visited Sardinia with motorbikes and this year we decided to do it again, this time with Nada and Maja.

4th day of our trip to Sardinia was reserved for hiking.

First we entered the heart of Gola su Gorruppu. It's a really nice Gorge, some say the deepest in Europe, but the majority would argue that information. We went all the way to the end of the main canyon and then returned to our base camp, that was set yesterday under deep blue sky. After the breakfast we started ascending back to Paso Genna Silana (1017 m).

Camp site under the stars

Exploring the gorge

Some parts were quite difficult

Start of the hardest part of the trail (not recommended without a guide).

Final parts of the canyon. There is a cave deep in the canyon, which is one of the water sources of Gola Gorruppu.

Maja and Tadej

Carved over millennia by Flumineddu

Team Sardinia (Tadej, Maja, Tuši and Nada).

Quick half an hour before noon beer at the pass

Our 2 day hike to Gola su Gorruppu

We continued on the road towards our next hiking adventure. In Talana village we stopped for a moment, Tadej and me went shopping, while Nada and Maja had more difficult task, drinking cappuccino.

Soon we arrived to start of the hiking point, which is also part of the Bruncu Spina ski resort, which has 3.3 kilometres of ski slopes available and 1 lift, that transports the guests. Hiking trial led us straight to the highest point of Sardinia, Punta La Marmora, at an elevation of 1834 m.

On the road

Hike was easy

The summit is near


Making new friendship

It's a he.

Maja, Nada, Tuši, Tadej and Snowman

Rather than melting, he chose quick death

Tadej and his gymnastic skills

Last meters

Perdas Carpìas is a Sardinian name for the peak

Punta La Marmora is situated just east of the approximate center of Sardinia

Panorama from the top #1

Panorama from the top #2

Selfie time

Panorama #3

On our way back we conquered another peak, Punta Paulinu, 1792 m

View back to Punta La Marmora

Another quick peak, Bruncu Spina, Sardinia's second highest mountain.

We had enough hiking for today, so we decided to move in the lower parts of Sardinia, direction West. On the map we chose Lake Omodeo for a possible camping site.

We were lucky and we found a nice spot for camping immediately

No luck with the wine for me. This was the 2nd time when I destroyed the only remaining bottle of wine. At least I was able to save a sip for everyone.


No wine, no fun

GeoCaches found (all caches received a visit by "BLACK SPRITE", TB654M4 and "Don’t come knockin’", TB3E2Q0):
- Gola su Gorruppu, EarthCache, GC26R33
- Punta la Marmora, EarthCache, GC2CQGM
- Bruncu Spina, GC5F73Z

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