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Thursday, April 28, 2016


Italy, Sardinia: Cala Gonone, Su Gologone and Gola su Gorruppu,  (Trip to Sardinia Day 3)

10 years ago, Tadej and me visited Sardinia with motorbikes and this year we decided to do it again, this time with Nada and Maja.

After the ferry landed, our first task was to get the supplies from the supermarket and to get a cup of coffee, along with the breakfast.

Soon we were on our way to todays planned attractions:
- Cala Gonone, with nice beaches overlooking to Bay of Orosei
- Su Gologone, an important spring of karst origin
- Gola su Gorruppu, Sardinia's most spectacular gorge, that is flanked by limestone walls towering up 400m in height

In Cala Gonone we didnt't do much, just took some photos and videos. A surprise came with the arrival of a local guy, who offered us a home made grappa. Of course we tried it and it really warmed us up.

Breakfast in Posada on the new table

Yamaha riders, Nada and Tuši

Cala Gonone with Bay of Orosei

New, still unpatented wooden selfie stick with the latest camera model and Tadej, also a model in his free time

Grappa, cheers

Threesome on Fazer

The beach of Cala Fuili

Soon we were on the road towards our next attraction, Su Gologone, an important karst spring, with an average flow of approx. 300 litres of water per second, that flows into the Cedrino River.

On the road

We had to pay entrance fee (2€) and then they let us visit the spring.

Entrance ticket

A small church dedicated to Nostra Signora della Pietà

The average flow is some 300 litres of water a second, a figure that puts it onto first place among the Sardinian sources. Explored depth of the spring is 108 m, without, however, reaching the bottom.



At the entrance they told us, that it is not allowed to swim here. Non capisco.

After the swim we went for a short hike.

In the park we also had lunch

When I grow up I will be a biker

We left the place and started riding on great SS125 road towards Passo Genna Silana (1017 m). From there we descended to Gola su Gorruppu, Europe's most profound gorge. It has been cut deep into the Supramonte karst plateau by Riu Flumineddu. The gorge itself is short, less than 5km long, and seen from above shaped like an inverted "S".

View to Gola su Gorruppu, Sardinia's most spectacular gorge

Our mules, Yamaha FZ6 S2 Fazer and Kawasaki Z750S

Is this a Geocacher?

Trekking time

Packing for the overnight hike

Many camp sites were already there

Nada, The climber

Entrance to the Gorge. Since they charge 5€ for that, but only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. we arrived after working hours with a plan to camp here and visit the gorge tomorrow morning.

Ready for the night in the best camp in the world called "Wild camp"

GeoCaches found (all caches received a visit by  and ):
- Cala Gonone, GC5DK8P, where I retreived trackable item "BLACK SPRITE", TB654M4, that visited all next caches today
- Su Gologone, EarthCache, GC5AAJC
- GORROPPU VIEW, GC5BRF2, where I took trackable item "Don’t come knockin’", TB3E2Q0

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