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Friday, September 25, 2015


Kenya: Day 8: Sigiria Forest in Nairobbery

Today was our day off and our plan was to do the final arrangements for the safari. For 480$ or less we want to spend 3 days in Maasai Mara National Reserve and a day in Lake Nakuru National Park. The most expensive part will again bee the park fees, that cost 80$/day for Lake Nakuru and 70$/day for Massai Mara. Our host Willys went with us and together we went to Right Choice Safaris, where we didn't negotiate much and the price 480$ was arranged. We paid half of it, the other half we will pay tomorrow, on our departure day. Since it was the middle of the day, we decided to go to Sigiria Forest, while our CS host Willys went to work.

Entrance fees are again different for citizens, residents or non-residents. Prices here vary 6x, so this time we improvized that we are residents and we succeeded. Sigiria Forest is the western part of the Karura Forest. Wildlife in the forest include Monkey species, bush baby, bushbuck, bush pig, porcupine, duiker, genet, dik dik, African civet and East African epauletted fruit bat. Plant species typical to the forest include Olea europaea (var. africana), Croton megalocarpus, Warburgia ugandensis, Brachyleana huillensis and the Uvaridendron anisatum. In the forest we also find 4 GC, Nada was also for the first time FTF (first to find).

We moved on and decided to go back home. In the centre we decided to have dinner (when Nada is hungry, stop immediately and feed her), before another planned dinner with Willys and Mary. After the dinner we walked to the matatu station and just before we got there, Nada noticed that she is without her wallet. We panicked a bit, but when we realized, that she still has her passport and a phone with photos, things got a bit better. We returned back to the restaurant, where she paid and saw her documents for the last time and we asked around, but nobody saw anything (yeah, we were optimists). There wasn't much else to do, than to forget about the money, couple of documents and a bank card, which we cancelled right away. We contacted our host to bring us the spare keys and we cancelled the dinner, we just weren't in the mood for it.

This day it was also the last day at his place, so we said good-bye to him. We will leave early in the morning and leave the key in an arranged area for him. Thank you for hosting us CouchSurfer Willys! Later we just packed our backpacks and went to bed. Good night!

Our breakfast: African tea with mandazi for 130 KES

Matatus are often equipped with bible proverbs and loud sound systems.

Time to go to work.

Dirty feet on a red road

Bushbuck, the most widespread antelope in Sub-Saharan Africa.

With Jože 2 around the forest, searching for Geocaches 

Crowd and a traffic jam on the way back. It was quicker to walk than to drive with a car.

Our dinner: Irio, Rice, Sukuma Wiki, Kenyan Stew, Githeri and Beans. African tea also.

Umoja - Nairobi - Sigiria Forest

GeoCaches found (all caches received a visit by "Edelweiss", TB4JGEB and "Travel Pirate Geocoin", TB5D2YM):
- Sigiria Forest Trails #3: Stumped!, GC47VYA
- Sigiria Forest #5: More Mossy Business, GC56G8D
- Sigiria Forest #14: Marsh Cache, GC5ZGBR
- Sigiria Forest #8: Flycatcher Finery, GC587YZ

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