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Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Slovenia: GeoCaching Hero

Nada and me attended our first GeoCaching event and with that we earned the last souvenir for becoming a Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 Hero. The task wasn't that easy, since we needed to find 5 very different types of caches.

The event was held in Koper and organized by very experienced cachers with more than 18000 finds. Respect!

Souvenirs for 5 tasks we did were: find an EarthCache, attended an Event, find a cache with more than 10 favourite points, find a Mystery cache and find a difficulty or terrain 5 cache.

I'm a hero!

Since the day was still young we visited more caches and did a trail called Šavrinka.

Saint Florian church and a watch tower in Kubed

Start of the trail was in a village called Smokvica

It leads on a nice easy accessible ridge

View from the tower in Lačna, 451

Climbing the tower

Nice trail, that probably wouldn't be done without GeoCaching

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Edelweiss", TB4JGEB and the first 8 by "Cacher's Best Friend - Cache Thief Tag", TB6E9CD, that was dropped of in Šavrinka - štrigon, GC546KQ):
- Koper - Rencontre amicale - Meet and Greet, Event, GC618CF, where I spotted trackable items "Geo-Logo traveler Piedero", TB661R8, "Wooden Shoes TB", TB21CPE, "TB Polarbear Aurora", TB2JF34 and "bobbybear1966's Second to Find Micro Geo-Award", TB5GHMX.
- Marky 700, GC5R5VD
- E6_SLO_9, GC3G172
- Kubed, GC5CT6A
- Šavrinka - višto, GC546MR
- Šavrinka - štriga, GC546KM
- Šavrinka - perica, GC546KF
- Šavrinka - štrigon, GC546KQ
- Šavrinka - okodlak, GC546M6
- Šavrinka - krušarica, GC546KB
- Šavrinka - mrak, GC546MG
- Šavrinka - jajčarica, GC5C9AA
- Šavrinka - temperanje, GC546N4
- Šavrinka - deštin, GC546MW
- Šavrinka - plenjer, GC5BN08
- Šavrinka - mišnica, GC546N0
- Lačna, GC54J4E
- Šavrinka - en dreu, GC546MT

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