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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Kenya: Day 5: Mount Kenya, Part 3

Nada and me spent our third hiking day to Mount Kenya in Mackinder's Camp at 4200 m with an acclimatisation walk to nearby tarn. Morning was cold, temperatures were below zero, but when the sun comes out, it can be quite warm.

Mount Kenya straddles the equator. This means during the northern hemisphere summer the sun is to the north of the mountain. The altitude and aspect of the watersheds and main peaks results in the north side of the upper mountain being in summer condition. Simultaneously, the southern side is experiencing winter conditions. Once it is the southern hemisphere summer, the situation reverses.

View to our campsite from above

Hyrax (Pečinar)

It was cold at night

Breakfast - mushroom soup with salami and garlic

Batian, Nelion and Lenana (farthest) and landscape around them.

Two tarn water source

Lonely toilet

Teleki tarn named after Count Samuel Teleki, who led the first expedition to penetrate the forest zone of Mount Kenya in 1887.

Back to the base

Altitude sandwich, salami and garlic

Tent needed a little upgrade

Guess who won in rummy

Our plan: Naro Moru Route for ascend and Chogoria Route for descent

Hike to Mount Kenya 3/5.

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