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Saturday, September 12, 2015


Slovenia: Cycling to Rašica, Karting and Picnic with ŠKD Indijanci

Our Sport and Cultural Work Society ŠKD Indijanci organized a picnic with 2 extra events, mountain biking and kart racing and some of us attended all of them.

Our first event was mountain biking. Grega, Vlado, Nada and me started cycling from Trzin to top of Rašica hill, 641 m, where we had a quick photo session. We descended on hiking trail to Mengeška koča na Gobavici, 433 m, and from there we continued to our next event, karting.

We left the fog in the valley and reached the sunny top

View from the tower to Šmarna gora, 669 m

Mountain bikers: Grega, Vlado, Tuši and Nada

Nice trail towards Mengeški dom

Karting event attracted more people, 15 to be exact. Nevenka, Danica, Nataša, Nada and Petra were competing in women's group while Primož, Domen, Andrej, Grega, Grega, Blaž, Primož, Peter, Vlado and me were competing in men's groups. In the end Nataša and Grega were the best. Results.

Tuši in Rossi 46 kart

Women were the toughest today. Their fist run was even aborted due to a big collison.

The last event was picnic, where we refilled our energy with a lot of food, beers and other specialities.

Picnic time

Our chef Vlado

Cycling part of our whole-day event

GeoCaches found:
- [GC Park]: #17 Green Trail, GC4K6W9
- [GC Park]: #20 Green Trail, GC4K6YE
- RIC Sava, GC52F9N

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