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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Austria: Cycling and Hiking in Bärental

The weather forecast promised a beautiful day, so we decided to do some cycling in Carinthia. We started cycling from Borovlje by the river Drava to Bistrica v Rožu and then the steep part began. Our destination was Klagenfurter Hutte/Celovška koča, 1664 m. From there we continued on foot to Ovčji vrh (Kozjak), 2024 m and from there back to the valley.

Cycling by the Drava river

Commercial for my company

The view to Svačica, 1953 m, and Stol, 2036 m

It was our 2nd time on the devil's path

Chillin' on top of Kozjak

View to North-East with Vgrizeva planina and Poden

Nada and Tuši

Way down was much easier

Cycling (red) and hiking (yellow). 

GeoCaches found:
- Sit down, Multy, GCQYZ8, where I retrieved trackable item "Cacher's Best Friend - Cache Thief Tag", TB6E9CD and visited all next caches today
- Gegrüsset seist Du - Zdrava Marija, GC4RPKE
- Kosiak / Kozjak - 2024m, GC3YR3T,  where I retrieved trackable item "Edelweiss", TB4JGEB and visited all next caches today
- R1 07/08 - Hafen Wellersdorf, GC435JK
- R1 07/10 - Anlegeplatz, GC509XC

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