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Sunday, August 09, 2015


Slovenia: Mountain Biking, Rafting, Zip-line, Picnic

In the morning John, Nejc and me decided to go mountain biking to Preval. Since we were quite tight with our schedule, we skipped the beer at the top and we continue on Baron Hunting Trail to Ljubelj. From there we just descended back to my home. On our way a steel wire over the road surprised me, so I made a little acrobatic element, luckily all ended up with just a couple of brusises.

Nejc and me 

View to Šentanska valley

Quick morning ride

After lunch we quickly drove to Radovljica, where we should start with rafting at 12:30. All the rush was totally unnecessary, since their excellent organization had a 2 hour delay, still we patiently waited till the start of the rafting.

Part of our 11-member crew. Manca, Grega, Bine, Rožle, Rok, John and Nejc. Missing persons: Pirgo, Manca's brother, Nada and Tuši

On the Sava river. Although the water level was low, we had fun. 

Bodyrafting and bridge jumping were for free

Our 12 kilometres on the raft

We continued with zip-line. Bine was the only one who wasn't scared the whole day.


After all events were behind us, we had a little picnic near the Sava river.

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