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Thursday, August 06, 2015


Slovenia: Hike to Ajdna

When normal people sleep we hike. Grega, Rok, Nada and me started with the hike at 4 a.m. from Koroška Bela and soon we were on our designated peak, Ajdna, 1046 m.

Ajdna, one of the most famous archaeological monuments in Slovenia, is an isolated summit situated in the southern slope of the Stol Mountain. The archaeological excavation started in the year 1976, showing the remains of an early Christian settlement from 5.-6.century, located on a terraced plateau. This settlement provides a window into late-Antiquity and Middle Ages. Just below the summit of Ajdna the remains of a total 25 buildings have been excavated, including an early Christian temple built in Roman manner. The remains of a religious building have been conserved, roofed over and are open to visitors. In a nearby building eleven graves have been excavated. The potsherds, weapons and jewellery found in these graves are on display in the museum in Kranj. These founds are an important contribution towards understanding of the life in the late Antiquity and in the period immediately after the collapse of the Roman Empire. It seems local inhabitants moved to the safety of the mountain from the valley below during a period of migration of various Germanic and Slavic tribes through the region. With its location high above the valley with a natural precipitous barrier towards the south and an excellent view up and down the Upper Sava Valley, Ajdna was an ideal location for a defendable settlement. Source: http://en.zirovnica.eu/things-to-see-and-do/heritage/historical-heritage/

Nada Style selfie

View to Ljubljana Basin

Koroška Bela - Ajdna - Koroška Bela

GeoCache found:
- Ajdna Antique Settlement, GC1RNWN

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