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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Slovenia: GeoCaching: The Way of Robber Barons

In the afternoon Nada and me decided to go on a short hike and for a little bonus we decided to find some GeoCaches. There is a series of them near Medvode, so we pick that route. The route is called "The Way of Robber Barons" and leads to a hill called Jeterbenk, 774 m.

First part of the way with a view to Šmarna gora

Towards the Saint Margaret's Church

 Saint Margaret's Church dates to the early 16th century and was built on the site of an earlier church.

The dragon

Hiking with GeoCaching around Žlebe

GeoCaches found:
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #1 : Preska, GC4RV7K
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #3 : Žlebe, GC4TM8D
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #4 : Cerkev sv. Marjete, GC4TM8W
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #5 : Kužno znamenje, GC4TM92
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #6 : Jetrbenški zmaj, GC4TEBX, Mystery
- Pot Roparskih Vitezov #2 : Skozi gozd, GC4T9XZ, Mystery

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