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Tuesday, November 06, 2012



Finally the weather improved and we were all ready for some nice riding.

Locking the house with the big key

Honda Valkyrie with a car tyre

On the road again
When we wanted to cross the border in Rogatec Milton had some problems. Since someone invented interstate and international border crossings and at the first one they weren't educated enough for Milton's American papers, he had to turn around and he had to make 10 km to the nearest international border crossing. Then after another 10 km he joined us on the other side of the 30 m long border.

God, I hate bureaucracy.  

 From Styria to Upper Carniola through Tuhinj valley

 Riding through the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana

Bača pri Modreju railway bridge

Lefteris, it fits you! 

American surfing on the internet at highest Slovenian pass, Vršič. He brought the signal from the USA.

Tuši, Lefteris, Rudy, Georgiana and Milton

Threatening clouds nearby

Lake Bled with the Bled castle and Church of St. Martin

Resting at gas station, while Rudy tried to change his light bulb. It was too difficult even for a German.

Last dinner @ Gostilna Ankele (Potatoes were very delicious, right Georgiana?)

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