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Thursday, September 27, 2012


In the morning I noticed another body in my tent. It was Mrki. Šubic and his friend were obviously somewhere else and since it's always good to drink an early beer in the morning, to start fighting with a hangover before he even comes to the head banging, we did it.

Cold morning refreshment

View to the camp in Laško from the bar

Even though it was still morning, there was no time for coffee.

 Our breakfast

Back to Gorenjska with a train
After a couple of beers Mrki and I slept a little on the train, just enough, that we forgot to go off in Kranj, so the train took us all the way to Lesce. There we waited for an hour for another train, that took us back to our destination. Since the conductor didn't wake us up the first time, we didn't pay for the ticket this time. Finally we arrived, but we also had to go on, because we were invited to para-gliders picnic in Potoče.



Picnic in the wilderness next to Kokra river

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