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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Morning. In order to get our 250€ deposit for the apartment back, we had to clean them. We were successful so all our money was returned.

Our stuff is

packed in the car.
After half an hour of driving we stopped to fill the gas. Then Tjaša realized that she forgot her snowshoes. Since she uses them very often and Nejc was very kind, he drove her back and we waited in front of a local shop. Nobody was nervous.

One of the rare stops on our way back
Time, that we used for our way back was short. We didn't have many stops, so we were in Slovenia quite early and so we still caught an open pizzeria in Unec, called Pizzeria Portus. The food there was very delicious.

So this was it, an end of our skiing week. Some of us still had some energy so we finished the evening in a local pub.

And a short movie from me to you:

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