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Sunday, April 24, 2011


We woke up in another beautiful morning. First we ate a nice breakfast, Rezka's eggs. Unfortunatelly we didn't have any zaska. After that we had a nice skiing day.

Breakfast - eggs
The weather was not perfect, but still very good

Nejc, Čevka and Tjaša

Mrki and Baki

View to the valley

Vuče in action


Me and Mrki


Snowboarders went to the nearby hill
Skiing day finished soon, so Vuče and me started to prepare another dinner. Goulash was on our menu today.  But since our boys and girls were very picky, we made four types of it. Our butcher said we need 2.5 kg of meat, so we cut also the same amount of onion. First type of sauce was vegetarian for Tjaša. We made it with soya meat. Second one was for Baki and was without salt. He had sort of a special diet. Third one was for butcher, not spicy one, and the fourth one was for normal people.


Preparing the onion and 4 types of goulash

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