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Saturday, November 27, 2010


I don't know when we went to bed, but morning came very early.
Sleeping stars

Our new bus driver
After the breakfast we went to Murska Sobota, to off-road and skill driving competition. Polygon Španik entertained us. We started with driving on slippery surface and sudden movement of back end of the car. Then we also had to drive in a reverse gear with help of the mirrors.
Pirgo was in my team
After the first task we had slalom with a car without rear tyres.
Gypsies took the rear tyres

No, it is not commercial for Dipo
 Our last task was off-road driving.
Lovro in action

Safe driver always adjust the mirror. Yes, it's Primož.
And after all 3 events we went home.
A short movie from last two days.

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