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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


After three weeks of seminars and presentations of Mentor Graphics it was finally over. An the finish couldn't be better. We went out to Kmečki hram, Tomačevo, where we had lunch, a very good one.
We started with mushroom soup

Waiting for the main dish with wine called Teran

Veal meat - calf's leg was just great

For the desert we had prekmurska gibanica.
It started to snow outside and we started to throw some snowballs at eachother.
18 till I die

After the great meal we wanted to say goodbye with our colleague John Justice from New Zealand (in Slovenian called Janez Pravica), but we just couldn't, so we went to The Old London pub, where we drank one beer, yes, only one. We had a mixture of lager and dark beer from Czech Republic, Budvar brewery.
Still not enough for skiing

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