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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Kralj, my neighbour, and me went to Dolenjska, where my ex-coworker Domen lives. His father has a vineyard and a cellar in Lisec and a very good Cviček.
Quite a winter here

We were prepared for the worse to get the wine

Still empty
The road was still covered with snow, so we had to put snow chains on and then we were able to reach the wine cellar. Domen's mother cut some cheese and salami and cooked some white wine. After that we went to the cellar and we started filling our canisters.

They look much better when they are full

View to the country

Lisec and wine cellar with house
Kralj had to be home soon so we started soon after noon.

Luckily, the day was not finished yet. In the evening we decided to try the wine and prosciutto, home made from Primorska.
Vid was helping me to cut it

We used a special table from the garage to fix the leg

The king of the animals

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