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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today basketball club Union Olimpija was playing again in Arena Stožice. They were playing against CSKA Moscow and Russians were better on their first match this year in Moscow, score was 65:55.
This time we were better and full hall was with our guys.
Game highlights

Guests came close to our team only in third quarter, but then again Goran Jagodnik, 36 years old guy from Koper,  scored 6 points and the victory was ours and home arena still hasn't been defeated. Here is the report in Slovenian.

81:72 (19:15, 26:17, 12:24, 24:16)
Ožbolt      22     Voroncevič    18
Markota     17     Gordon        11
Pinkney     16     Langdon        9
Gregory      8     Smodiš         7
Jagodnik     8     Holden         7
Ilievski     5     Kurbanov       6
Šermadini    5     Šved           5
                   Sokolov        4
                   Šiškauskas     3
                   Bikov          2

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