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Friday, February 08, 2019


Slovenia: Hike & Fly - Blegoš

Plan for today was to try a new take off site for paragliding, so Rok, Nada and me drove to Prtovč, from where we hiked to Koča na Blegošu mountain hut, 1391 m. It was a little bit windy, so we had a longer break in the hut. A little less than 3 hours of waiting was enough, so we continued to the top of Blegoš, 1562 m. We were not satisfied with the wind, so we decided to hike back to the valley, but when we started descending, we changed our minds, so we prepared the gliders and flew to the valley in Hotavlje.

Steep start from Prtovč

The surface changed

Remains of the Rupnik Line

View from the hut to the peak

Gaining the strength to conquer the top

Praying for better wind 

Still too much wind

Nada, Rok and Tuši

Just below the peak we changed our minds


Rok and his special take off position

20 minutes and we will be 1000 meters lower in Hotavlje

Red and blue

Bad choice for a landing site - the nearby bar was closed, so we had to hitchhike

All done for today - Garmin Connect

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