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Thursday, February 07, 2019


Slovenia / Austria: Hike & Fly & Ski

In the morning Rok and me did a quick hike & fly trip to Potoška gora. After work Nada and me joined the geocaching event in Austria called "Tourennacht am Dreiländereck", where we did a nice backcountry skiing trip.

Good morning working people

A little wind in the back don't stop us

A little bit of running 

And we are airborne

Morning view

After landing (Garmin Conenct) we continued to work

The southernmost ski mountain in the region of Beljak has been an attraction for sporty locals since the 30s. Geocaching event took place on the restaurant on the top and with Nada we joined them on skis.

Delicious geocaching cookies


Going down with headlamps - Garmin Connect

Attended GeoCaching event "Tourennacht am Dreiländereck #05", GC82CP3, where I brought trackable items:
- 2008 Groundspeak Volunteer Geocoin - sponsored by GC-KNECHT, TB20DYH
- gran san bernardo, TB84C9J
- De reiziger, TB6R4VV
- Key chain #2 Happy Face, TB6R4PD
- Bryan 2014 Tag, TB6PQA1
- FarmtagZ klompendans, TB6BAG2
At the event I spotted the following trackable items:
- Ba9072´s delicious Geocoins, TB6HQGP
- Chaussure de BB8, TB7KV0J
- Geo-Achievement Finds 100 Geocoin, TB799VY
- Légion étrangère, TB1QVTD
- Sandra's Penguin Traveler, TB5Q2RP
- bonnet de stroumpf 2, TB8EM3Q
- Corsaire Rouge, TB6BQ4J
- Robinson Magic: The Gathering Ixalan tag, TB8K7R5
- Lost Place Geocoin, TB7PQQZ
- Frog, TB7FR1F
- Celilo Falls TB, TB2A59M
- The Alps, TB83MB5
- Kontinentenrennen - 1, TB7KW7F
- Klemen's Green SGC T-shirt, TB8GJZQ
- Scary the Shark, TB4E62E
- Cochon de course #1, TB7EKD8
- Lilly, TB5J4DW
- Lichtblick, TB7E9QW
- Dodo, TB7E9QG
- Owen's First Geocoin!, TB4P58F
- Nathsuçu, TB6X7BE
- Warmer Bruder, TB6YA7H
- Pete & Sally, TB5R2P4
- Bailey's BearTravel Bug Dog Tag, TB6RFE3

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