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Thursday, January 25, 2018


SloveniaBlood plasma and Geocaching with Kick Scooter

After work I donated some blood plasma, cca half a litre. Plasmapheresis is the removal, treatment, and return or exchange of blood plasma or components thereof from and to the blood circulation. It is thus an extracorporeal therapy. After I was finished I had to meet Nada, so I used my kick scooter to get there and on my way I picked up some geocaches.

After I gave some blood I found some geocaches. Only one egg contained a logbook in this case.

GeoCaches found:
- klavnica, GC2WGG1, where I took trackable item "Reiske(ver) Dinaric Alps", TB6F83E
- Želod, GC6DW1V, where I placed trackable item "Reiske(ver) Dinaric Alps", TB6F83E
- Oslo­dro­m/ Donkeydrom, GC3ADNT, where I retrieved trackable item "Gift of Speed", TB6ZC51

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