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Sunday, October 15, 2017


Sweden: Lida

It was our last day in Sweden and we decided to spend it with our awesome hosts Adela and Srbo. After the breakfast we drove to the West side of the Lake Getaren, from where we started our walk towards the East side. Easy walk took us to Lida, an old Swedish word for slope, where a small ski resort lies, with a lot of tracks for running, mountain biking and cross-country skiing. At the end of our trail we had lunch in Lida open-air farm (Lida friluftsgård). Soon it was time to return back home and Srbo drove us to the airport, where we said goodbye to Sweden.

We had an easy prolonged flight, since we had to wait for a while in the air, so they cleaned the landing strip because of the broken plane. After the landing the guys from Belt park picked us up and took us to our car and we headed back home. On the way we also picked up a nun and drove her to Ljubljana. Our badass 5-day trip was officially over.

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West side of the lake is covered with grass

Exploring the Northern shore of the Getaren lake. Some details about the lake: Getaren is a natural lake that covers a surface area of 0.72 km², has an average depth of 7 meters. Getaren boasts a total water volume of 0.01 km³, and has a total shore line of 6 kilometers. The lake, which sits at an elevation of 39 meters (128 feet), drains a whatershed that covers 44 km².

On our way Srbo found some mushrooms - Svart trumpetsvamp - black trumpet.

Srbo, Adela, Nada and Tuši at Lida

Lida Sports Church

Next time - swimming

On the way we found some rabbits

Nada in action

Time for lunch

Time to fly back home

Above the clouds, sunset at our departure and before landing in Italy

Totals costs per person of our trip to Sweden were 299,80 €.

Our days in Sweden with GPS

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