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Sunday, July 02, 2017


Croatia: Cycling, Climbing, GeoCaching and Swimming in Rovinj

As mentioned yesterday (13925), Nada and me rode to Rovinj, where we visited Aljančič family and we stayed over night. Today we took the kids and we did many things.

We took the bikes and started riding towards the rock climbing area in Zlatni Rt Forest Park, where we climbed a couple of routes. On our way we picked up a couple of GeoCaches. Soon Andreja and Aleš joined us and together we checked the Adriatic. With kids we took some underwater photos. Soon it was time for late lunch and a return back to our base (our cycling track - Garmin Connect), camping Vešter. After the kids tested Nada's bike, Thunder, we went back home.

Riding towards the climbing area


The place where the crag is situated was once a quarry providing stone for Venetian palaces. 

The rock is of good quality and the routes are nicely bolted and friendly for beginners, families and recreational climbers.

Visitors brought some beer


Test ride with Nada's bike Thunder (Suzuki GSR 600) and a new guest

On our way back rain caught us, so we made a short stop.

A pond in the middle of Istria, The "Lokva Pajicka" is a amphiteatric-shaped pond made in 1922 near the Village of Pajici.

Motovun, a medieval town that grew up on the site of an ancient city called Castellieri.

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Mount Everest Geocoin", TB5P7BM):
- Polari # 8 Naturist, GLRCTYJQ
- Single Tree, GC6N6TY
- Je li zrak van? --- Ist die Luft raus?, GC5A5FG
- Yes Hebbes ( The Croatian Edition ), GC5BT2A
- Zlatni rt, GC5TRRA
- ispod, GC31RVP
- sidro, GC59QK5
- The "Pajicka" pond, GC1RHK7

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