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Saturday, July 01, 2017


Slovenia / Croatia: FTF above Kofce, Ride to Rovinj

In the morning I joined Roman and Lars and together we did the hike to Kofce, where we searched for a new listed GeoCache. We found it and morning mission was accomplished.

Around noon, Nada and me decided to go to our first motorbike ride together. We decided to visit my sister's family in Rovinj. Nice easy riding and a refreshing jump in the pool just made the day even greater.

Morning hike with Roman and Lars, where we were the first ones to find a GeoCache GRS Tržič. Our track on Garmin Connect - click.

Grom (Thunder, Suzuki) and Blue Horse (Yamaha) in Postojna

On our way to Rovinj we stopped in Višnjan and above Lim canal

After we settled in the Campsite Veštar we took the nephews to the nearby pool

Selfie time

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by "Mount Everest Geocoin", TB5P7BM):
- GRS Tržič, FTF, GC779CH
- Zacetek zivljenja PO/The beginning of life PO, GC3YCFD
- #4 Holiday Cache Croatia - Višnjan/Istria, GC5830V
- Limski zaljev, GC69DXW

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