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Monday, October 31, 2016


Slovenia: Pot Treh Zvonov / Three Bells Trail

Hiking trail Pot Treh Zvonov (Three Bells Trail) is a round forest path that connects villages Žiganja vas, Novake, Golnik, Senično and Sebenje. Nada and me took my nephews Tim and Matic and nice Klara and we walked together for 9 kilometres.

3 bells - The idea for the trail came to villagers from Žiganja Vas when they were replacing three bells in the Church of St. Ulrich. It seemed a pity to them to discard out the old ones, so they got the idea of using them to mark a trail that would wind through Udin Woods. This is where the name Three Bells Trail comes from. Since the church bells were too big, they used three smaller ones and signs to mark the route.

On our way we did many things

You can read more about the trail on this link - click.

Nice round trip in Udin boršt, one of the oldest glacial terraces in the Ljubljana Basin.

In the afternoon Nada and me quickly ascended also to Stari Ljubelj.

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable item "Hjärtat", TB3MQ3N):
- Pot Treh Zvonov - Zvon 1, GC6Q47Z
- Pot Treh Zvonov - Zvon 2, GC6Q484
- Pot Treh Zvonov - Zvon 3, GC6Q48E

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